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Creating Enduring Connections is at the core of CSK Promotional Co.,Ltd. The products we supply bring people together and create relationships. This mindset extends to our dealings with customers and other team members within the business.

We have a people first mindset, providing efficient and personalised service to make the ordering process easy and stress free. We do what we say we will do and strive to leave every customer with the impression of trust and confidence.

CSK Promotional Co.,Ltd is a tangible representation of your brand and an exciting milestone for many organisations. We want you to love promo as much as we do and as such only offer the best. We do not cut corners or settle for products that do not meet the mark.

We love to celebrate others success (big or small) and are always looking to create an upbeat positive atmosphere. It energises us when we know we have done a good job and our collaborations create something great.

About Us

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Name: Jordan Chen

Tel: +86-15267900247

E-mail: jordan@cskpromotional.com

Add: No.299,Hong Yun Road,Chengxi Street,Yiwu City,China 322000